Our updated Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to us which is why we want to share our updated Privacy Notice. To give you more transparent and clear information on how we process your personal data, we have divided the Privacy Notice into different sections. In each chapter, we describe in more detail what personal data we have about you and how we use it. We have also increased the information on your rights, for example how to get access to your data and how you can request to terminate the usage of your data.

You can view our updated Privacy Notice here

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Norse Security Services | Values and Behaviours Charter


Values and Behaviours Charter

  • Open and Honest
  • Fair
  • Consistent
  • Helpful and supportive
  • Approachable and Friendly
  • Tolerant and understanding of our colleagues individual differences.

  • Being fair and consistent
  • Supportive and encouraging
  • Recognising and rewarding
  • Responding positively to feedback
  • Having clear expectations
  • Providing equality of opportunity
  • Embracing individual differences
  • Sharing Information honestly
  • Behaving Ethically

  • We will expect our customers to treat our staff with respect
  • We will take pride in our work and are polite, courteous and professional
  • We respect the individual needs of our customers
  • We will always listen and respond to the feedback from our customers
  • We will respect confidentiality at all times