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UEA contracts Norse for Library services role

July 2013

The University of East Anglia has awarded the library services contract to Norse Commercial Services, subsidiary EventGuard.

The 2-year agreement, with the option to extend for a further 2 years, covers front-of-house security and services outside normal office hours when the library is unstaffed. During University closure periods the contract provides for 24-hour cover.

“We will be providing a range of services,” said Martin Leeder, Managing Director of EventGuard, “including checking that only authorised users gain access to the building, book stock and reading floors, and ensuring that no un-issued items are taken out of the building, including responding to gate alarms.”

In addition the company will deal with basic enquiries and referrals, including floor walking on reading floors and in IT areas.

“We will also be supporting users in locating items, assisting with the moving and re-shelving of books and managing and monitoring use of Library space to meet student needs,” Leeder added

“As well as all the usual student services procedures relating to the building and its resource, Norse will be responsible for carrying out full handover to our daytime staff,” Heather Wells, Head of User Services at the UEA said. “They will also be acting as fire wardens to aid swift evacuation of the building, liaising with UEA Security and Library staff as appropriate.”